Microsoft Dynamics Constituent Communication Management Solutions for the Public Sector
Improving Constituent Services, Interaction, and Visibility

Affiliated's Microsoft Dynamics Constituent Communication Management System (CCMS), is specifically designed for legislators and their staff, to improve constituent communication and productivity.

Governmental bodies are tasked with serving the needs of constituents within their governance. There is presently a lack of consistent strategies or tools to efficiently serve the needs of the legislator, their staffs and the constituents that they serve.  Affiliated’s CCMS solution will address the collective and individual needs of the following groups:

  • Constituents
  • Legislator
  • Support Staff
  • Leadership Visibility

Outcomes each of these groups can expect to achieve from the CCMS solution.


David Johnson is a Constituent in Senate District X. He has corresponded particular interests in both Senate Bill #1 and funding for education. Because all of David Johnson’s mail, email, and telephone correspondence has been categorized and “tagged” (using: “Senate Bill #1”, “education funding”), it is possible to continually update David on progress made on both fronts.

When David encounters his Legislator in a meeting (whether scheduled or by pure chance), he can receive a real-time update and progress report without requiring any research directly from his state Senator. As progress continues, David receives steady updates (via email, calls, or letters – based on his preference) – again on all of his interests.

David’s reaction:

“My Senator is on top of things. I get continually updated on progress made on the issues I am most passionate about. It’s impressive.”


When she meets with her State Senator and a member of the Department of Transportation, Susan Smith knows that her requests for assistance are being addressed. Her State Senator seems to have a profile of her issues and a genuine interest – without having to ask their aide for the latest updates.

Susan’s Senator says:

“I have to interact with hundreds of people in my District on a monthly basis. I can’t remember the details of every Constituent’s interests, nor should I have to. With our new system, I can be assured that I have the latest up-to-date information on my Constituents’ interests and progress being made for them. This creates a much more satisfied Constituent.”

“I also love how the system captures and reports just how much reaction Senate Bill #1 is generating. It will also be possible to quickly correspond to the list of people who have previously expressed an opinion related to the progress of the……”.

Constituent Services and Support Staff

27 Constituents either phoned, mailed or emailed Ms. Song, their Representative, notifying her of their desire to have a baseball park built in their neighborhood in the last two weeks. Ms. Song is scheduled to attend and speak at a community event in that exact neighborhood next week.  Prior to the meeting, each Constituent receives an individual correspondence acknowledging the receipt of the letter/email/phone call and a promise to include that as one of the topics to be discussed in next week’s event.

This enables Representative Song to prepare in advance, rather than being surprised at the meeting.

Staff also are able to quickly match registrants from the event with their constituent profiles to help Representative Song be prepared to help with updates on any open issues or requests from the attendees.

Leadership Visibility

Legislator X’s staff member resigned their position and a new staff member was assigned to the legislator.  After providing the administrative training, the new staff member went through the CCMS computer training and was certified.As leadership support team members work with the new staff to acclimate them to their new role, leadership was able to provide coaching and guidance by viewing the dashboards on activities and to-do lists.

This helps facilitate a smooth transition for the new staff member and Legislator X.

See how the CCMS solution works for Legislators and their staff members.

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